Sons of destruction

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May 1st 2002..

Terry approached Jake with that friendly looking smile upon his face. His eyes where not of the deceiving kind, Jake sensed no intentions in this one. Terry was just a pup! naive, curios, impulsive. Jake was a mindwalker “cursed” with a set of empathic traits, he could tell that the offering hand of friendship was a fundemental human gesture nothing more. nothing less.. Terry tossed his arm around Jake’s bruised wing and presented him to his own group as a “brother” For months to come Terry would prove to listen, shelter, aid and comfort without expectations. They drank togheter, they sung together, they swept the streets togheter.

Jake was a hound of war. A resilent, thick skinned self-loather with a flammable temper who hated the world and almost everyone in it. He was just about to spend the remaining five weeks of his high-school grad-celebration in pursue of conflict. Jake’s demon demanded blood, it’s thirst was un-imaginable.

“If you’re miserable, all you gotta do is make someone else even more miserable than yourself”

Now, where the fuck was the old lady hiding..? Jake could swear he’d swept the entire compound twice that evening after he’d bottled that flask of vodka. Still.. nowhere to be found! There was a lot of ground to cover at the festival and probably well over 2000 attendants. He knew she was hiding in the arms of that scrawny looking mono-brow twat somewhere.. He eventually decided it was about time to head back over to his crew’s bus and make further inquiries.

Some big mouthed rich kid with a respectable frame that screamed for an attitude adjustment would soon prove to become a viable victim. Size was of no concern to Jake, not like this was the first golem he’d put down in his young life. This was his domain who the fuck did this spoiled brat think he was? “Oi! you think you can just parade your way in here like you own the fucking place boy? I don’t like you get the fuck out of my mirror before I dismantle that pretty looking head of yours and use it for ballsports” Jake gave the kid a moment to stand and move up close and personal just the way he liked it.. All Jake was fantasizing about at this point was this kid’s head, bashed in, and the way his face would have looked all bent-up and twisted, just like one of those G.I Joe figures he used to dismember and torch with fire as a kid. It’s when you actually destroy something, brutalize it, that it always ends up looking all warped and disfigured, slightly surreal and not even human and that’s what makes it so easy to keep molesting it, go on fucking, and hurting it and smashing until you’ve obliterated it, proving and convincing yourself that annhilation is a natural state for the human soul, and that nature has gifted humanity with devices that enables people to do so and ease the burden for them, a way of turning rightous men and women into rabid animals fully capable of breaking the law without any fear of consequence.

The bus corridor was narrow and without much room to manouver, the douchebag’s breath smelled like dog-shit despite the fact that Jake was heavily intoxicated on alcohol adrenalin had seeped into his system and heightened his senses. PTSD kicked in like a spark-plug ignition the moment he drew first blood by unleashing a right-hook to Jake’s chin. Before the clumpsy kid had even managed to retain his balance Jake snug up underneath him and answered the call with a razor shaved head that hit the motherfucker right in the mouth. Jake took a moment to mesmerize his victim by gazing through the window of his soul, locate his fear centre, then ensnare it the way a serpent slowly squeezes the life out of it’s prey..

Despite the fact that Jake had a dense frame and should have been slow manouvering because of his build the mug was still recovering from the struck of Jake’s responding blow which was followed up by a lunge that sent the douchebag ramming into one of the available seat sections so that Jake could lock him up nice and tight with nowhere to run.. Now all he had to do was to introduce him to his mittens, and show the fucker what Jake’s hurtlocker looked like on the inside.

Jake misfired slightly and landed a couple of blows to his cranium but the majority of his strikes did home in quite nicely at guy’s not so much longer “pretty” looking face. Jake mainly focused his efforts toward his right eye, he wanted to open it up, study what the underlying surface looked like. But, it wouldn’t be mattering for that much longer, Jake just wanted to ramdoze the motherfucker!

Jake’s victim was starting to cover up too well for his combinations to have their desired effect. Jake took notice to his ribs they where exposed, he accepted that as an open invitation to potentially bust out a few of his chops. He grabbed the asshole by the the neck with a locktite two-handed grip and began landing knees, three. no, maybe four of them. Jakey then decided it was time to start hauling the bastard off the bus.

As Jake dragged him down the narrow corridor like a duffle bag under the glorious eyesight of the remaining passified crowd that was still occupying a couple of the sections, some of em probably to drunk out of their heads to even understand what’s going on, the others frozen stiff by bearing witness to this moment which was something they had never witnessed before. The fat cunt suddenly began lashing out with his arms in an obvious but clumpsy effort of defending himself. Didn’t work out all to well for him. Jake was unsure whether any of his strikes managed to hit him or not, or even glance him? Adrenalin-overload and un-imaginable rage began manifesting from within thus overriding his senses. Jake’s been bruised by the beast, kept his opponent appeased by keeping up with his flame his soul is released, and he’s in for a hellride as his body shifts to his chaosform. Pain had no effect on him in that state, he was euphoric and jacked out of his head on endorphines, leaving him only capable of frame by frame recordings in between the sequences of blackouts while he himself was taking fire.

The declaration of dominance progressed down the narrow corridor and Jake tossed his prey over in section after section while landing one hammerstrike after another. As they where about to reach the front entreance of the bus Jake lunged at the fucker and sent him halfway out the driver section window and got of a couple of well placed hits to his jaw while the kid’s stupid looking face got aquainted with the side-mirror of the large passenger carrier. Jake bet it laughed at his reflection “He knew he did” The kid was tough he’d give that much of a credit to the mug for not passing out on him just yet. Adrenalin certainly does that from time to time, each individual has their own tollerance levels for taking a beating.

It’s closing hour and Jake manages to get a good two-hand grip at the guy’s sweather and pulls off a drag N’ toss that sends the guy flying down the stairs at the front entrance, but before the guy had managed to set his left foot down at the last staircase with the other touching the pavement at the outside Jake swiftly managed to grab the kid’s hood and pulled him back inside so he fell to the stairs landing on his side. It was the perfect opportunity for Jake to introduce him to his trustworthy M.402 bootheel.

“Good night asshole..”


Defying Purpose

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Reuniting the broken shards
within it’s host has given us hope.
Hope, looms as heavy
as any sorrow…



Written by:

Dela – 19.11.2015

Abyssal Riders

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In the darkness we stand,
waiting, hoping.
We await the eternal winter,
our resting place.
The kingdom filled with snow,
crystal clear and frozen.
We await thee chaos,
bearer of the nether key.
Grant us entry,
to this land that is ours.

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En fallen sten i en verden av glass..

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You’re all made of glass.. And if you shatter within the presence of my creation then that is not my fucking problem..I am a destructive being. So stay the fuck out of my way or you will get burned..

It’s always the same fucking story that keeps repeating itself again and again, whenever I try to be just ME!
Guess We really caused a scene today huh? And We triggered a fuckton of unwanted traumas during group session.. Yes! that’s right! I decide to share a minor fragment of inner-self since as I felt obligated to participate to a certain degree, that’s why I’m here right? I never lie, I have an avoiding personality but when confronted directly I speak out of my free mind and don’t hold back on the gasoline which is already poured onto the napalmfire that is already at it’s boiling point within the mind of this despicable, and intimidating looking character of mine.

I am asked by the head counselor how I feel.. And I relay my thoughts in an exact same fashion as they are relayed to me within my prison of flesh.. And in the process, I get blind sided by this ridiculous human trait (empathy) and We felt like a piece of shit! The second the members of the group enters “flight mode” freaks out! and leaves the scene in panic, leaving me behind feeling like that monstrous and grim bastard! So there I stood all of a sudden making a fool out of myself in front of the crowd and it made me feel like that cancer to society that I am.

I refuse to feel ashamed off myself for being ME!
Time to unleash The Beast.. My shield and protector..

Now in an enraged state It threw it’s right arm to the north
and it’s left arm to the south, blazing out in fierce and fiery anquish with each feet stomping the nether realms..

Override.. the trembling, the howling, the dismay..
Override.. Banish us! from this undesired state of dismal woe..


And the sevent age passed over..
We fended off the enemy! We stood our ground,
we prevailed.

I’m not wearing any more fucking masks.. I’m not hitting the breaks for anyone, anymore! If I cannot be myself around the herd, then to hell with them.. Let them all burn for all I care. I’m done with that life We’re done with your bizarre and perverted circus act of pretending to be “normal” to fit in, to blend to interact and socialize in that bleat manner as the ruling majority of society and the sheep’s flock wants me to. I’m not your lapdog, or your dancing monkey FUCK YOU!

Cancer man: “We give them happiness and they give us authority.”
Smith: “The authority to take away their freedom under the guise of democracy.”
CM: “Men can never be free because they are weak, corrupt, worthless and restless.”

I’m done with YOU! I’m done with your likes, your corporate fascism, your sexism, oppression, your selfies, your belfies, your fucking commercial television. Your dull and dissatisfying lifestyle, just floating inside this piece of shit septic tank where everyone attempts to drag me down to your own pathetic level just so you can delude yourself by hiding behind the false belief of justifying your own miserable state of being, because you’re all too afraid to step outside your own fucking comfort zone..

I can’t even express these things properly.. Because I have to conceptualize my own complex ideas in front of every fucking idiot i encounter by the use of this stupid and limiting spoken verbal language!

Stop trying to turn me into one of you! I’m not one of you I never will be, stop trying to make me feel like I’m the badguy by prying on my human emotions just because you can’t fucking deal with the difference and the fact that creatures like me scares the living shit out of insects like you.

I am a despicable person.. And I’m damn fucking proud to be what you all despise! You don’t have to like me I’m not a fucking facebook status.. I don’t need any of you. I’ve been building this fortress up in the mountains, patiently stocking it up with supplies over a course of decades. It’s about to enter it’s final stage.

And the day I make my way up to the mountain of Eternal Solitude and kiss this living nightmare goodbye I shall never look back.. I shall never regret or feel any remorse for leaving all you weaklings behind.. I will fortify myself under several acres of solid concrete and embrace my own madness till the very day I shall draw my final breath..

She Who Believeth In Me

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At the narrow path between
the righteous and corrupt
“we” still have our
twisted way of smiling..

Every time confusion
gets entangled
in between “us”

Our heart is set ablaze
And starts to long
For that hand in need..
And “we” will start the
process of faltering..

Maybe to remain
Or just to stay
Without turning back
To going back..

Sometimes I wish
I could fall in love
The way the mortals do

But I’m just not good at it
I tire to fast..
When I live my
life through someone
Else’s nostalgia

The emotional stirring
resurrects itself
Through a bizarre form of
burning sensation

The kind that always
tends to shatter in the wake
of Going back.

“We’re” such pitiful creatures

I grow a thousand years
Every time

Revealed too soon
The never ending

As to why ..
Thou believeth
in me..

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A lost cause..

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This is a short story of a man who was a
humanitarian and an author.

A man who decided to share his
abundance with someone less fortunate.
Even though he had five beautiful children,
he opened his home to a sixth.

An orphan 12 year old boy.

A child who had been pounded
by the system from an early age,
troubled, and prone to violence.

A lost cause..

So this good man opened his home to
this boy. And when the boy stole from him,
the good man loved him anyway.

When the boy failed in school, the good man
showed understanding and patience.

When the boy lied, and cheated,
and clawed, and fought, this good man
showed compassion and love.

Untill the boy would never have felt
anything like being wanted and loved.
The man had broken through.

By all accounts it was a miracle.

One week later intruders broke in to
the mans house. Killed the man, and
his wife while they we’re asleep in bed.

They said some small things was stolen,
things that a child might steal.

No one knows for sure.

The man’s children where sent off
to live with relatives. The boy
“the orphan” was shipped back to hell.

Just when he had a chance of life, it was
snatched away from him by two bullets.

“I believe the boy did it.
I think the boy was scared that one day
his foster parents would wake up
and realize he wasn’t worth it,
like all the others had.

And that he couldn’t bear the thought
that this man, this good man would do
something like that to him.

To throw him away, like a piece
of lid or a bottle cap.

So he decided never to find out..”


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I’m always awake,tears_in_the_rain_by_14_bis-d4crorp-2
never asleep..

My lungs exhale,
but they do not breathe.

I move my lips,
but they remain sealed.

My eyes are open,
but no longer can I see.

My mind is wandering, in thoughts
which I can no longer reach.

Voices of the tormented,
I can no longer hear.

Perhaps it at last, became
to much for me to bear ..

Written by:

Dela – 14.12.2014